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Nebula Lite

  1. Hardware Modes

    Our cutting-edge privacy-centric VPN network router is engineered to safeguard your digital footprint with unparalleled security. With its innovative modes, users can seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi AP, Wired, and Wi-Fi Relay configurations, ensuring adaptable and encrypted connectivity tailored to individual preferences. Experience uncompromising privacy and freedom across all your devices with our versatile hardware solution.
  2. ⁠Software Modes

    With our Software-based Modes including Passthrough, Unified, Smart Routing, Private, and Mobile, users can customize their connectivity experience with ease. Whether you prioritize seamless browsing or mobile privacy, our router ensures encrypted and tailored connectivity for all your needs.
  3. ⁠Security & Privacy

    Underpinning our privacy-focused smart VPN router is a robust suite of security features designed to safeguard your digital presence. With our advanced Smart Firewall, customizable Parental Controls, and DNS & HTTPS-based Ads filtering, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing their online activities are shielded from prying eyes. Additionally, our URL filtering feature adds an extra layer of protection against malicious websites and unwanted content. Trust in our VPN router to prioritize your security and privacy, ensuring a worry-free browsing experience.
  4. ⁠Internet of things

    Our versatile VPN router extends beyond traditional connectivity, empowering seamless integration with IoT devices. With local MQTT broker support and a cloud-based gateway offering SNMP, Modbus, CAN, HTTP(s), our router facilitates comprehensive IoT connectivity. From industrial automation to smart home applications, unlock the full potential of your IoT ecosystem with our intelligent and secure VPN router solution.
  5. ⁠Sharing & Monetization

    Experience more than just connectivity with our innovative VPN router, offering a unique opportunity for monetization through bandwidth sharing and crypto mining. Seamlessly share your bandwidth whilst enjoying faster VPN connectivity, optimizing your network resources for maximum efficiency. Harness the power of crypto mining to earn passively while contributing to the security and decentralization of blockchain networks. With our router, your internet connection becomes a valuable asset, providing utility in a privacy-focused environment.
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